Addis Music Award, the best album of the year 2011 E.C

The 10 Addis Music art and entertainment award finally happened!

Artist Gosaye Tefaye Awarded best Album of 2010. E.C. His wife has taken the award representing him. His album is titled “ Siyamesh Yamegnal”Gosaye Tesfaye/ሲያምሽ ያመኛል

Friday marked the 2010 E.C Addis Music Art and entertainment, people choice  award at Enter Continental Hotel Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  Addis Music people choice award is the first Art and entertainment Award in Ethiopia that runs continuously for the last 10 Years.

Throughout the evening, there were live performances with different artistes form the stage. The ministry of culture and tourism also attended the Event

Before the winners announced, short introductory video introducing the list top five finalist were shown from the stage. Finally the gusts for introducing the winner will call the names of  the winner from the nominees.

The 10th  Addis music Award Winners List

Addis Music Award Best Album of 2011 E.C – “ Siyamesh Yamegnal”Gosaye Tesfaye/ሲያምሽ ያመኛል ጎሳዬ ተስፋዬ

Addis Music Award Best Single of 2011 E.C  –“ Telobgne” Rahel Getu / ጥሎብኝ ራሄል ጌጡ

Addis Music Award Best Music Video —–  “Ete Abay” Abrham Belayneh” / እቴ አባይ አብርሃም በላይነህ

Addis Music Award Best Composer 2011 E.C —kamuzu kassa//ካሙዙ ካሳ

Addis Music Life Time Achiest Award — Eklias Melkea/ ኤሊያስ መልከአ

Addis Music Award Best Movie 2011—Wetat Be97/ ወጣት በ97

Addis Music Award Best Actor 2011— Girum Ermias /ግሩም ኤርሚያስ

Addis Music Award Best Actress 2011—Edelework Tasew /እድለ ወርቅ ጣሰው


Addis Music award is one of the First Art and Entertainment Awards in Ethiopia. Addis music is A radio show prepared by DJ Baby.



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