Celebrity who would succeed if he/she were in the battle of Adwa


Today celebrities give interviews about the battle of Adwa. Have you ever imagined these celebrities participating in the battle of Adwa? Whom do you think he/ she would be successful if they had participated in battle? Please give thumbs up if you think he/she would be successful in the battle. Thumbs down button is there for you if you don’t agree with the idea. [thumbsup group_id=”2574″ display=”both” orderby=”rating” order=”DESC” show_group_title=”1″ show_group_desc=”0″ show_item_title=”1″ show_image_caption=”1″ show_image_desc=”1″ ]





Thank you for sharing your opinion on the poll. The intention of mirtmirt.comis to compare people but it is given credit for those who deserve it. Create discussion channel on the results of the collected poll. Please check other categories to find out more.

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