Mirt Nigegeroch

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Every one comes to this world with A potential with given an assignment to find the purpose of living in this world. Mirt means best in Amharic and Nigegeroch means Talk. Mirt nigegeroch is experience sharing event in which people that has got their purpose share their journey of life to the audience

The first event was held 24th of December at Eliana Hotel.  The people who give speech were

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  1. Abiy Hailu : (Founder and CEO of mirtmirt ) :- Welcome speech                                                                                                                          Mewded Kibru 300x185 - Mirt Nigegeroch
  2. Mewded Kibru : -Modern Dance in Ethiopia                                                                                                   Dirshu Dana Connections 300x154 - Mirt Nigegeroch
  3. Dirshu ( Dana connections) :- Female Comedy Radio Show Host in Ethiopia                                                                                                          Meles Gergesenon 300x183 - Mirt Nigegeroch
  4. Meles Ayele : (Founder of Gergesenon,) – Mental health NGO in Ethipia                                                                    Melaku hilemariyam 300x167 - Mirt Nigegeroch
  5. Melaku Hilemariyam : ( Founder of ethiomedon.com ) Medical startup


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