The Best TV Station in 2013 E.C (2020/2021)

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Currently the media sector is growing fast in Ethiopia. A number of TV stations, radio stations, and social media channels are organized from time to time. mirtmirt started working to promote the one who are working great jobs on the sector and started collect opinion polls on our social media.

mirtmirt prepared this poll to find out the best TV station in Ethiopia in 2013EC (2020/2021 GC). Mirtmirt is a ranking and rating platform. The website works on to rank and rate anything in Ethiopia.

We have considered the year 2013 according to Ethiopian calendar. The stations are listed above vote next to the image of your favorite radio station. It will show you the current result immediately.

Thank you for participating on the poll we will announce the winners on radio and an article will be published in this page on October 9.

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